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Poker Night: 10 Essential Steps To Hosting The Boys |… Indeed, hosting poker night is a science, but just like string theory, it can be easily explained to the layman. So get out a pen and a pad and start taking notes, one misstep could cost you your reputation and your social circle. First things first: ask your spouse if you can have poker night.

Host a Perfect Poker Night: San Antonio Edition - Casino ... Host a Perfect Poker Night: San Antonio Edition Friendship is an important part of our emotional well-being. It's so powerful that people with strong friendships have a lower risk of depression, high blood pressure and obesity. How to Host Poker Night: Tips on the best cards, chips and ... Knowing how to host Poker Night can be a valuable skill. An evening of cards can provide quality time for close friends, or it can throw people with little in common together for a fun time. And finally, unless you hawk cosmetics, sex toys or time-shares, this is your best chance to make money while ... Ladies Night: A Primer on Hosting a Poker Night Home Game For some snacks, think shared food – mixed nuts, chips and dip, pretzels, or beef jerky. The health-conscious may want a cheese platter or veggie option. Poker night is a social endeavour: fun, fellowship, and food. Games & Mechanics. So, your poker night has come together. The table and chairs are set up, and the food is planned.

If you are looking to host a home poker game for the first time, make sure it's a poker-perfect night by setting it up right! There are a few things you'll need to decide before you start sending out emails and making phone calls to invite people to your big poker night.

You host a ladies’ poker night. My ladies’ poker nights have multiple goals, but mostly I want them to be different from traditional and “serious” home poker games and different from other girls’ nights. I want them to be a category of their own. I have been hosting ladies’ poker games for a few months now, and I have learned a few ... Host a Ladies' Poker Night - Woman's Day Host a Ladies' Poker Night ... Stick with the finger-food theme and serve these tasty caramel and nut sticks for dessert. Next. Plan a Perfect Pizza Party 15 of 23. Kate Sears. How to Host a Laid-Back Game Night | Real Simple How to Host a Laid-Back Game Night How to Host a Laid-Back Game Night ... Mafia: Put your poker face to use with this whodunit game played with cards. Snare the Mafia before it offs the whole town. For 6 to 17 players. ... Food & Wine this link opens in a new tab;

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Get ready to put on an epic casino night round at your house with our perfect Casino Party guide. You’ll find everything you need to create a night to remember, from DIY craft decorations to ... Poker Night Food Ideas - Poker Night Food Ideas. poker night food ideas Hosting a poker night? Here are some tips and ideas from Beau-coup to help you host a successful poker night.Nov 25, 2011 …Find this Pin and more on POKER Night Snack and Meal Ideas by londynchole.

When one of the regulars can’t make it, we expand our invitation circle, and invariably get to know someone new a little better. Poker night may subtract a bit from your wallet, but it’ll add a lot to your life. What tips do you have for successfully hosting and starting a poker night?

It's in the Cards: How to Plan the Perfect Poker Night ... “The goal is to host a poker night as fun as the game itself,” says von Gootkin. “A lot of guys treat poker night like football night, in a basement with beer and chips. While there’s nothing wrong with that, what’s fun is challenging yourself to step it up and put on an old-fashioned flavored poker night. How to Host a Poker Night -

Hi all, The BF is going to be hosting a guys-night poker party at our place for a few of his friends. I told him I'd coordinate the food for him.

Tips for hosting a vintage-inspired dress-up poker party, complete with antique decor, dishes and snacks. Atlanta Bar Poker Company - Texas Holdem Entertainment For Hire Have Texas Holdem poker at your pub or bar. We are the premiere Atlanta Poker Company serving northeast Georgia since 04. Fun, legal & profitable poker night! Poker | Pure Casino Calgary

Host a high-stakes night in with food so good that your guests won't dare call your bluff. Host a high-stakes night in with food so good that your guests won't dare call your bluff. Top Navigation. Explore. ... Poker Night Food Poker Night Food Updated: October 11, 2014 ... How to Host a Poker Night - Beau-coup For example, the weekend is really not a great time to host a poker night as it may conflict with other weekend activities. Mondays are usually not the best as it is beginning of the week. Thursdays are perfect for hosting a poker night as it's almost the weekend so you can get everyone in the mood for a fun game.