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AA vs. T9, board 999 3 A : 6-max cash game poradna Jakuba docela me zajma,jestli jsem to zahral dobre,,, na riveru jsem ho chtel vyzdimat,protoze moe poznamky byly,ze na sparovanejch boardech floatuje Ax .. na turnu check ... 3bet range BB vs. UTG : Obecná diskuze o cash game

Texas hold 'em starting hands - Wikipedia In the poker game of Texas hold 'em, a starting hand consists of two hole cards, which belong ... These 169 hands are not equally likely (see Poker probability ( Texas hold 'em)). ... Pairs: For pairs, multiply the points by 2 (AA=20, KK=16, etc.)  ... Basic Poker Odds, Outs & Simple Math Solutions for No-Limit Hold'em ... We've got basic poker odds, outs and probabilities presented in a crash-course guide by the ... Pair pair vs. overcard and one of that pair, 90% favorite, KK vs. Poker Odds Table - Poker Odds Charts - Online Poker Sites

Odds and probability of AA vs KK happening. The odds of being dealt any specific pocket pair, such as aces, is 220-to-1 but the odds of being dealt a pair of aces and then someone at the same table being dealt pocket kings is slightly less as the two aces have been removed from the 52-card deck.

How often are my KK's up against AA Preflop? - Gambling and ... Nov 8, 2007 ... The odds of running KK into AA depend completely on the number of .... Why AK vs AA seems so terrible is NOT because you are absolutely ... AA cracked! AA vs. KK vs. AK guess who wins? - Tournament Poker ... AK guess who wins? at the Online Poker Forum - And ... 2 days ago I got AA vs. KK and AK, turn K! Yes I feel outer!!! Basic Poker Odds and Outs - Cardplayer

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AA or KK AKs, KQs, QJs, or JTs (suited cards) AA, KK, or QQ AA, KK, QQ or JJ Suited cards, jack or better AA, KK, QQ, JJ, or TT Suited cards, 10 or better Common Pre-Flop Match-Ups Pair vs. Undercard and one of that pair Pair vs. Pair Pair vs. Overcards Pair vs. Suited overcards Pair vs. Undercards Pair vs. Suited undercards Pair vs. Overcard ... AA vs KK - Bad Beats - PocketFives

Tak jsem si podal přihlášku na VŠ opět v Plzni udělal přijímačky a uvidíme jak to půjde dál. Chvilkama jsem si říkal, že jsem udělal chybu s ukončení dřívější VŠ, ale nakonec to bude doufám takhle lepší.

KK vs AA preflop - Two Plus Two Poker Forum What are the odds of getting KK preflop and another player at the same 9 handed table getting AA preflop? AA vs AK - odds and probability for the poker hands AA vs AK This article should give you some background information on odds and probability for the poker hands AA vs AK. Odds and ... dreaded AA vs KK. Famous AA vs AK ... Probability KK against AA in the same hand - Learning Poker Poker Strategy. Odds for Dummies; ... This is a discussion on Probability KK against AA in the same hand ... And I don't really believe it's KK vs. AA all ...

May 22, 2014 · This is the same for getting KK. This is the odds, that this event will happen for the next hand. The odds you are up against AA when you have KK vs 8 players is 0.0391 ~ 4%. Almost same odds for hitting running straight or running flush from flop or hitting 2 pair on flop with non-pocket pair. AA vs AK - odds and probability for the poker hands AA vs AK Jan 20, 2011 · Odds of winning when you have AA vs AK However, the times you are in an AA vs KK situation you are completely crushed. Should you be unlucky enough to get Big Slick all in against aces then you will be a massive 91.84% underdog, although that improves slightly to 87.6% if the ace-king is suited and does not share suites with the other player’s aces.